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MB Disco



MB Disco represents the independent music label founded in 2010 in Sweden by Martin Brodin, the founder of Deeplay Music. With this label he wanted to go back to his Disco roots. Disco Music has always been in Martinís blood and now he felt it was time to play tribute to it, so he started to mix up the old disco feeling with modern sound. We can call it Nu-Disco, Post-Disco, Disco for 2010 or whatever suits you. For Martin itís just about the feeling for what he believes is Disco. We will release old-skool super limited 10" vinyl records, together with the modern digital downloads to keep our self in the loop of the todays business.

In 2010, Martin changed his musical direction and turned his path to the roots of the music he had always loved and admired. As a Disco Music aficionado, he felt it was the time to dig deep into his extensive record collection from the early seventies to mid eightees and dust off the rare and collectible vinyls. After almost half a year of listening and getting inspired (again), he was ready to pay tribute to the Disco scene and the subgenres it has spawned today. He started his MB Disco label in the fall of 2010 as an outlet for his music. The feedback from interested collaborators was instant, with releases and remixes from people such as Ilija Rudman, Ray Mang, Chicken Lips and Drop Out Orchestra. Following his unique vision, Martin put out updated versions of classics from the likes of Newcleus and Giorgio Moroder on MB Disco. If that wasnít enough, even Leroy Burgess featured on another release. We can expect many more interesting collaborations in the future, from the label masterminded by Mr Brodin himself.

Two proud moments back in 2011 when he was asked to remix Sky of Human League, which was released on Wall Of Sound. Second one was the remix he did of legendary Giorgio Moroder and his classic The Chase from 1978. 2012 was a year when lots of people took notice of his work and the result came with releases/remixes for labels like Nang and Compost. He also worked hard on his debut album which will see itís light in March 2013. Remixes of tracks from the album comes from some of the most respected names in the circuit of today such as, diskJokke, Bottin, Glimmers, Jacques Renault, Headman and Kasper Björke.

Artists on this label : Alexander Robotnick, Daniele Baldelli, Dumb Man, I-Robots, Ray Mang, Antonio Dionigi, DiskJokke, Giorgio Moroder, LeSale, Rodion, Chicken Lips, Drop Out Orchestra, Ilija Rudman, Martin Brodin, amongst many others.