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maximum boost



Maximum Boost Recordings represents the UK based independent music label launched as a subdivision of Dope Ammo Records.

In the year 2000 long time friends Earl Falconer and DJ Swan-E started up a new record label titled Maximum Boost Records. The label name itself is used on the dance floor as a greeting, 'Maximum boost to all the massive and crew'. This was adopted from jamaican dance hall MC's and used across the world to date.

The idea of the label was to introduce more vocals into the drum and bass scene as well as maximizing the production to a high quality. Through our contacts we have introduced many professional artists from other genres of MUSIC into the drum and bass scene including Capleton, Ruby Turner, Robert Owens and Lady Saw to name a few who have all featured on Maximum Boost Records.

This has been a huge success and as a label we will endeavor to direct our label. This way however we do not forget about the new talent coming through and that is why we have set up a sister label titled Maximum Ammo. This label was set up to help nurture the new talent before progressing them on to the Maximum Boost imprint whilst injecting a new breed of artists into the uk sound of Drum & B

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Doctor P Sweet Shop DnB Mix / Bad VIP Mix

Doctor P

Sweet Shop DnB Mix / Bad VIP Mix

VÖ-Datum: 22.11.2010
Label: maximum boost
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