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Maruca Records represents the Berlin based music label established in 2009 and run by Pier Bucci.

Pier Bucci is on a quest to create his own vision of complex atmospheric rhythms. Emerging in the mid 00s alongside a excitingly talented collection of Chilean electronic acts, Pier began his music career with the pivotal Crosstown Rebels label. This would prove to be a prosperous partnership as Pier delivered an outstanding run of releases between 2004 and 2007 along with the highly acclaimed Famila album one of the highlights of 2005. This success, along with an early release on Cadenza, established him as a unique talent, and developed his personal sound. His take on techno uses classic Latin rhythms and vocals, a love of abstract electronics, and Sheffield bleeps, which is combined with his haunting Andean melodies. Colourful characters zip through Piers music, making a distinctive collage of influences, of course always underpinned by solid dancefloor beats.

The fruits of his collaborations with Luciano, bore the Monne Automnne [Lo-Fi Stereo, Germany] and Lucien-n-Luciano album projects for labels such as Peacefrog and Cadenza, Skipsapiens together with Daniel Nieto [u-cover, Belgium; Mutek Rec, Canada], Mambotur with Argenis Brito [Multicolor, Germany], Bucci/Pink Elln together with Tobias Freund [Cynosure Records, Canada] and works with his brother Andres as Bucci [WMF Rec, Berlin; Cynosure Records, Canada] have been equally well received.

Recent developments show an eye for the future and more development. In 2009, Pier launched his own label Maruca Music - which has so far featured his own new original music along with remixes from heavyweights like Baby Ford and Thomas Melchior and he also has plans to bring back his much loved Mambotur project with Argenis Brito.

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