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manila fine vinyls



Manila Fine Vinyls is the new label project created by Shadow Sync showing their more soulful side.

Shadow Sync is the project launched by Leinad and MaxVu, djs with years of experience in north-eastern Italy, and Edoardo Arengi aka Unity, sound designer and drum&bass producer.

They are rooted into underground culture and computer music, iridescent worlds they explored for over ten years. They travel around led by a minimal techno beat, with incursions into hypertechnologized tribal territories. They develop structures where rhythm accents move and pulse, following the evolution of sound, searching for its origin and destination.

Unlike some minimal fakes you can hear around nowadays, the Manila Fine Vinyls productions have their roots in the original Detroit House sound: no frills, no virtual mockeries, just the full and deep analog sound that goes straight to your heart. We care about the substance, not about the decorations!