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mangue records



Mangue Records represents the independent german imprin established back in 2009 and based in Dresden, Germany.

What do you get when creativity and passion meet? What happens when music lovers and sound nerds get in touch? You get a BOOOM, a beat that rocks your night and a hook that keeps you high. That is what you get. That is what MANGUE is about.

For us, electronic music is the language, it’s our deeper meaning and the way we live. MANGUE is not temporary art, it’s just to do the right thing at the right time. We’ll mostly feature local artists and we will go on releasing creative, yet soulful music with that touch and that BOOOM.

The Dresden (germany) based imprint was founded in 2009 by Fabian Schumann (euphonic) and Black Vel. The first single "le fruit tropical e.p." with the main track "lever du soleil" was supported by a lot of the major dj´s in the scene. 2 More singles from the label-owner were followed in 2009.

Definitely mangue will have an influence to the music-scene with a continuous high-quality music-work in the Years to come. The next single are on its way to the dancefloor. „NEWNEWNEW – AND EVEN BETTER NOW" That’s the sound of the street if you listen to marketing managers promoting their new products. But then again – Mangue is different.

Mangue Records includes in its back catalogue releases from a variety of artists such as: Beatamines, Boss Axis, Felkon, Raumakustik, Bjoern Nafe, David Jach, Black Vel, Fabian Schumann, Microtrauma, Phanton, amongst many other ones.

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