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Mallory Records



From 10 years Suburbia Club is one of the best crew and one of the best club in Rome, one of the true reality in the national and international scene.
Finally Mallory records it’s his label.
Butterfly is the logo of the label…because Mallory can fly free through the best dance reality of the moment…..through the real dancefloor…Mallory is the name of the label like the female protagonist of “Natural Born Killer” movie…..is it Mallory a killer butterfly ? Yes!
The soundtrack of Mallory will be a devastatin’ minimal tech from the mind of the resident Suburbia’s dj and producer Simone Burrini, with collaboration of his partner Emiliano Pompili ……also Mallory will be an important meeting point of international artists with their original mixes and big remixes.…
Do you want listen Mallory? Do you want dance Mallory ? Let’s do it!!!!
….an important step of an important club….an important step of an important crew….…..
are you ready to your butterfly friend called Mallory ?