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magik muzik



Magik Muzik is a sub-label of Dutch label Black Hole Recordings consisting on Electronic. It was founded by Tiësto in 2001.

In 1997 with the help of Arny Bink, co-founder of Black Hole Recordings, Tiësto was able to compile various styles of electronic music like trance, techno and house. Tiësto decided to create a sub-label, known as Magik Muzik. The label began releasing Tiëstos own releases, but it has also released tracks for The Filterheadz, Oliver Lieb, Mark Norman, and Mojado. The label became a trademark which stands for high quality electronic dance music which was due to the release of Tiësto's classic dance anthem "Flight 643" in 2001.

Later on he included the work of other acclaimed artists like Jes Brieden and Phynn. Its first album release was a limited vinyl edition of Tiësto's first studio album In My Memory which is considered an LP, the special edition released in 2001 did not include the complete album which was released later that same year; The long play version has a catalog number of Magik Muzik 800 followed by the Magik Muzik 801 releases, known as "Flight 643" which is the labels pride and first release. "Gatex" by Umek is the first song which does not belong to Tiësto and was released through the record label Potential first, it was later remixed by Tiësto, DJ Montana, Oliver Lieb, and DJ Le Blanc and it was included in Magik Muzik's vinyl releases which by this time had gained success and support across Europe in 2002.

On October, 2004 the label released "Tiësto Presents Magik Muzik" which is a compilation of 10 previous released songs and singles which gained great success and was released through XMAG Magazine and DJ Magazine's issue 354 on November 28, 2003.

Magik Muzik also had a record store, known us "Magik Muzik The Store", but it closed down in 2006. In 2008, its parent company Black Hole Recordings was nominated at the WMC Awards in Miami, Florida for Best Global Dance Record Label. Much of Black Hole's success is due to its owner Tiësto who has released all his projects in it.

Magik Musiks artists roster includes acts like: Tiesto, Allure, BT, Richard Durand, Alex ORion, Andy Duguid, Bestie Larkin, Daniel Wanrooy, First State, Jes, Julie Thompson, Manufactured Superstars, Mark Norman, Mr Sam, Zoo Brazil, Bonina, amongst many others.