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Madtech represens the sublabel of Kerri Chandler´s Madhouse Records Inc. The imprint was started in 2012 as an output for more darker and techier sounds.

In 1992 Kerri Chandler had a vision. A vision of deep, heartfelt, meaningful music. From this vision came Madhouse Records created with Champion Records founder Mel Medalie. The creation of Madhouse was not only an outlet for Kerris own music but also a stage for new artists and talented peers. Today Madhouse is known worldwide for its deep, soulful element.

Now the vision continues with MadTech: Kerris inspiration for MadTech was DJ and Producer Jerome Sydenham who gave Kerri a collection of tracks that although he wanted to release did not quite reflect the tone of Madhouse. In wanting to release these and many other tracks submitted to him by other artists he felt the time was right to add a new label to his list of endeavors.

The legendary Kerri Chandler needs no introduction for some, often heralded as an originator and innovator of deep house. With a discography spanning decades and a still increasing output. A sister label to Madhouse Records (also highly recommended for historical/musical edification), MadTech was intended as a home for all the recently emerging artists and sounds that caught Kerri's ear; modern and powerful yet reverent and soulful. The roster is impressive enough on its own, but he's also generously gifted some exclusives from Kashii and Citizen.

MadTech will repeat Madhouse history by bringing the quality of music youve come to know and love from a bountiful source of emerging artists each with their own individual sound -an experimental platform for new talent, mentored and guided by Kerri himself. With a list of new releases ready to go from talented artists such as Citizen, Voyeur, Kashii, Lakosa and many others.

MadTech promises to bring you the ultimate in new music for years to come!