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made to play



Made To Play represents the UK label founded in 2005 by Jesse Rose, now relocated in Berlin, Germany.

Jesse Rose was raised on Motown soul, jazz and eighties funk in London, moving to Bristol to begin throwing club nights with old friend Jamie Anderson at the beginning of the nineties. In 1997 Jesse moved back to his hometown London and soon started playing regularly around the capital, honing his particular blend of Chicago house and early Detroit techno. He releasing his first mix CD ‘Tec-House Living’ on the Subversive label under his Deeper Sound Of Bristol moniker before founding Front Room Recordings with Chris Belsey in 2001. The Front Room artist roster boasts the likes of Solid Groove, Trevor Loveys, Jamie Anderson, Atlantic Fusion, Rob Mello, John Tejada, Stefan Goldmann and productions and remixes by Jesse himself. Jesse also owns Front Room Recordings and the ‘Made to Play’ imprint.

As well as his own production slate, which includes the massive ‘A-sided’ on Dubsided, Jesse has remixed the likes of Riton, Radio Slave, Elite Force, Kosma & Trevor Loveys, Hot Chip and Hard Drive to name a few.

The label has just released the first ever Made To Play collaboration album - 'Re-Play'. The collectors addition includes two CDs and 48-page book covering some memorable moments since Jesse started the label in 2005.

The album includes ten new tracks and remixes from the likes of Renaissance Man, Riva Starr, and Round Table Knights, and an exclusive mix from Jesse Rose taking all his favourite tracks from the past five years of Made To Play releases.

As a label that is constantly pushing boundaries, the anticipation for this album was quite large. Can they deliver the goods like they have been doing for the past five years? In short, the answer to this question is most definitely.

The Made To Play artists always try to go somewhere different. With the ever-growing popularity of house music its hard to stand out from the crowd. But this album puts them right at the top of their game, showing the industry why, after five years, they are still supplying the demand.