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machining dreams



Machining Dreams represents the Chicago record label and blog run by Hakim Murphy and established in 2008

Hailing from Chicagoland, Hakim Murphy has consistently dropped silents bombs with releases and mixtapes.

Hakim Murphy is a producer/dj from the Chicagoland area who's musical style ranges from House to Techno. Hakim's journey begin as a dancer in Chicago as a lot of his musical influences come from Larry Heard, Robert Armani, Dance Mania, Relief, and Cajual records. As a Chicago footwork dancer, Hakim gradually became inspired by the music and began playing records in 1996.

Since then Hakim has ventured into production work and eventually founded two records labels in 2008: Machining Dreams; and Synapsis Records with Avondale Music Society.

The concept behind Machining Dreams is that songs that a producer creates is the act of humans materializing sound wave forms that arise from the subconscious. .Vinyl pieces will be limited to 200 copies with the purpose of presenting electronic music from wherever.

Machining Dreams is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Hakim Murphy, Franco Cangelli, Obsolete Music Technology, Amir Alexander, Alarma!, Innerspace Halflife, Ike Release, The Sun God, Resonating, amongst several others.

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