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mach 1



Mach 1 Music is a production / management company headed up by Eddie Galan as president. The company handles music, acting, publishing and licending, covers music production, songwriting, music publing, artist and business consulting, and licend and brand marketing. Eddie Galan is a songwriter and record producer and has worked on albums that have accumulated over 17 million in sales worldwide.

Eddie is from South Pasadena, California, and he says that hes known all his life that he wanted to work in the music industry in some capacity. Growing up Eddie was inspired by the music of Michael Jackson and The Temptations. Eddie wrote his first song at the age of 18. Eddies first big break came as a producer on the #1 top selling album, High School Musical soundtrack. The High School Musical soundtrack sold over 6 million units worldwide, won a Billboard Award and was nominated for an American Music Award.

Eddie is currently president and CEO of Mach 1 Music. Eddie explains, "Mach 1 Music is my songwriting and production company, and I also own my own publishing company, My Belle Belle Music. Mach 1 Music is made up of a handful of extremely talented young individuals across the country, who, work in various capacities: writing, producing, musi