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macadam mambo edits



Macadam Mambo Edits represents the Macadam Mambo series dedicated to obscure re-edited vintage tracks.

The parent label, Macadam Mambo was founded by Sacha Mambo and Guillaume Des Bois and is focusing on eclectic Disco edits, Balearic music, Chicago House and special electronic music.

Macadam Mambo was created in 2008, at first as a DJ collective to organize parties in Paris, and later in Lyon. The name refers to Macadam Massacre from the French punk band Berurier Noir and to the priestess in the Voodoo religion who is called a mambo.

In mid-2012, Sascha Mambo and Guillaume Des Bois founding members, decided to turn Macadam mambo into a label because their passion for music was so strong they wanted to move on to a more professional level. They started out releasing edits, and then new artists productions. In November 2014 was released the 20th record.

MM is not really focusd on a particular genre, maybe Acid on the Trax Series (new productions MMX), but for the edits they release anything they love.

Members: Release Members : Acid Square Dance, Albion, Bernadott (Samo DJ + Swalk), Dunkeltier, Fab Mayday, Giorgio Luceri, Guillaume Des Bois (also Bob Bernard), Joe's Bakery, Keeto, Loisirs Modernes, Mituo Shiomi, Mori ra & Asn, Muslim Disco Club, Npnk, Phoebus, Raphael Top Secret, Sacha Mambo (also Bikini Freak, Roger Suchard and Mzkbx), Samo DJ, Takeshi Kouzuki, TeeTwo Mariani, Tokyo Matt, Traxx.

Genre: Acid, Afro, Boogie, Italo, Post-Punk, EBM, Rock, Balearic, Synth Pop, Techno, Euro Disco... Banana Music.

Sister labels: Macadam Mambo Podcast, Macadam Mambo Trax.

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