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Lycaon Records represents the independent spanish music label launched fresh in 2011 and owned by Agony Forces.

Agony Forces represents the musical team set up by PEARL and Sharin, who join forces from their personal projects, keeping an atmosphere that mixes different styles in an overview of the electronic music. From Santander, northern Spain, building a personal and contemporary style since 2005.

Influenced by the sound of the british 90', these two artists combine perfectly electronic sounds with other sounds harder and more profound, this making his live performance one of the most powerful and dynamic in the current scene. During 2007 they began their journey by clubs and festivals in northern Spain, and join Aquasella 2009 where they shared the stage with the best national and international techno.

This duo is recognized by wellknown Spanish artists like Oscar Mulero and Christian Wunsch. His Techno productions have been published internationally in renowned labels such as Tsunami Records, Warm up or Arms Recordings (Audio Assault), where they shared work with artists such as Radial, Grovskopa, Luka Baumann or Ben Gibson among others.

Besides his work in Agony Forces, both artists are involved in other avant-garde projects, so making its work recognized in other areas outside the club circuit, opening up to other audiences. Youth and quality come together in this always evolving, but faithful to its roots, project.

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VÖ-Datum: 05.08.2013
Label: lycaon
  • 12" Belgium
    12" Belgium
  • Techno
  • lycaon004
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