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liqweed ganja



Liq-Weed Ganja Recordings represents the UK based independent music label launched in 2005 as a sublabel of Playaz Recordings.

As Drum and Bass started to change around about 2007, with modulation and Jump Up becoming popular again, Hype and Pascal felt that True Playaz had too much of a reputation as a Jungle/Dance Floor Drum and Bass label, so they set up Playaz Recordings.

DJ Hype, Pascal and Zinc collectively True Playaz were to create iconic tunes such as Peace, Love & Unity, 138 Trek, True Playaz Anthem and Super Sharp Shooter which shaped the sound of the dnb genre and influenced many production legends of today.

Since 2006 - amicably without Zinc and under the new Real Playaz brand Hype and Pascal are currently poised to toast their 150th Playaz night; an epic event which cut its teeth at The End before relocating to the internationally renowned super-club Fabric. For over a decade now, the last Friday of the month has been synonymous with lethal dnb as kings of the jungle such as Goldie, Bukem and Grooverider join Hype and Pascal and new recruits at the decks. As Hype said in a recent KMag interview ,Anything that makes the wall bleed, makes me happy on the night!

But thats not all Hype and Pascal have had the cigars out for. With a hands-on production style being part of their ethos, over the years theyve nurtured heavyweights such as DJ Hazard and Potential Badboy as the label has seen smokin hot tracks like Busted, Mr Happy and Machete rip up dance floors worldwide.

With their infamous ganga leaf branding etched onto the walls of venues across the globe - not to mention laptops and record bags - it is clear that the Real Playaz name stands for more than just their vinyl and downloads. For starters theres the consistent roster solidarity and mutual respect amongst their artists, the attention to detail (from the studio to the sleevenotes), the domination of the airwaves and social networks: Real Playaz means timeless quality and keeping it real.

Sister labels: Frontline Records, Ganja Records, Ganja-Tek Recordings.