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2009 sees the birth of the new label Limeroads - Progressive House Music - managed by Lukas G. and Marco Z.

We believe in a positive way and hope this will reflect our music. Music that makes feel good - rockin dancefloors and giving a smile on faces of the crowd.

Behind Limeroads - a Progressive House focussed Label - are two friends lukas gnaegi & marco zaugg from a small country in europe - switzerland. knowing eachother a long time now -  their buddies since baking cakes in sandpit. both had early impressions in clubbing - and we?re excited about the electronic dance music. Together they did the apprenticeship as a chef and in studio they work like in kitchen, knowing which ingredient is missing or what kind of sound can spice up a track for a delightful taste.

Together representing the respected Progressive House Project Sweet&Sour which is well supported by eminent Dj?s around the globe. Lukas the head musician (or chef de cuisine) on board of Limeroads gets great support with his solo project Loco-Volver - reflecting in good critics and worldwide radio plays. Both Projects will be the main influence on Limeroads. In near future befriended artist will present their work and some quality remixes will show up.

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