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lifted music



Lifted Music is an independent Indie Dance record label from London. Primarily releasing Drum & Bass, it was started in 2006 by Chris Renegade shortly after leaving his A&R & Label Management position at age old label, Renegade Hardware.

In recent years Chris Renegade has played a major role in pushing the boundaries of Drum & Bass, signing and releasing some of the scene's most influential dancefloor tracks through labels such as Renegade Hardware and of his own Lifted Music imprint. After bringing through a surge of new talent, artists such as Spor, Evol Intent, Chase & Status, Unknown Error and Apex, Chris cemented his reputation for making positive, decisive moves for the benefit of all labels and artists involved.

Since day one, Lifted has caused huge waves within in the scene, pushing futuristic sounding, forward thinking, high energy dance music backed up with a strong creative vision and intelligent business decisions. An absolute deluge of A-list DJ support from his label back up an ever increasingly popular Lifted Music Show, his very own mix of the latest and greatest in Drum & Bass and Bass Culture.

Lifted Music is home to artists such as Memtrix, Aeph, Neonlight & Meta, but also releases music from a host of other artists... Lifted Music also runs "Breed", a sister label for up and coming artists, as well as hosting "Lifted Sessions" parties across Europe, America & Russia.