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liebe*detail spezial



Liebe Detail Spezial represents the sublabel of the legendary imprint, Liebe Detail. Founded in late 2004, Hamburg-based label liebe*detail has become internationally known for releasing high-quality, versatile and genre-defying electronic music, ushering a new generation of deep-house, deep-techno and electronica producers into the core of the scene.

A definite expression of their love (or 'liebe' in german) for the dancefloor, as well as the love of detailed and deep club music..., label owners Meta.83 and Eurokai couldn't have found a better suited name for their very personal venture. Hinting at the art of omission, of more and not less, and thus at the label's central philosophy, we find countless examples of their ethos while looking through the generous back-catalogue.

In an era when dance music seems to be shifting gears towards a new generation of producers, Liebe*Detail is one of the surest A&R machines in the business. Instead of relying on producers to define the label, the imprint instead defines itself by working with artists a limited number of times before moving on to highlight someone else. It's a risky business move, but Meta.83 and Eurokai's unerring ear for quality have made it work handsomely, creating a place where music—rather than name—seems to trump everything.

With this remix project, Liebe*Detail starts its sub label Liebe*Detail Spezial. It will be a platform for both remixes from the back catalogue, as well as for proper EPs by single artists and projects. The debut comes in the form of part 1 of a series of remixes for Move D's stunning 'Anne Will.' A second part will be released in March 2007. Barcelona-based Vincenzo clearly is inspired by the original's simplicity. But instead of focusing on the laid back deepness, he strips down the track even more and stresses a challenging straightforwardness. He turns 'Anne Will' into a fully electronic house track whose sequences mill deep into the mix. Hypnotic!

Liebe Detail Spezial imprint celebrated its 10th release with a superb insight into the dramatic, dub-techno meets jazz-house sound of Leipzig's Sven Tasnadi & Juno6. Having already both released on Liebe*Detail individually, the two producers and close friends found inspiration in each other's broad talents and unique sound ideas, resulting in two very special new cuts and a stunning remix by fellow townsman Marko Fürstenberg.

Liebe Detail Spezial is the favourite home for a variety of artits such as: Move D, Argy, Lawrence, Efdemin, Sven Weisemann, Matthias Meyer, Sven Tasnadi, Martini Bros, Adam Port, Tom Demac, DJ Kaos, Kink, amongst many others.

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.