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level trauma



Leveltrauma Limited represents the subdivision of the long running german imprint, Leveltrauma. Founded by BASTian W in 1998, Leveltrauma from East Germany is a Booking Agency and Record label. With 50 different Artists in their agency (local and international), they represent the best sounds of the East from Hardtekk to Industrial to Hardcore. The also have a Minimal/House/Electro roster managed by Beat Stroganow. Leveltrauma artists are an integral part of the puzzle supported by the lifework of BASTian and partner Alex.

The first release on Leveltrauma Limited came from various artists with the album ‘’Endzeit Balladen’’, and came out at the end of 2013. Leveltrauma brings you the perfect soundtrack for the end of the world. On Side A escalate with Minupren and Stormtrooper, who bring you the bass, that rocks your panties. On the B-Side your very own last headtrip with stomping beats and crunchy basslines by Michael Forshaw, Killer and Martin W.Let's dance into your doom!

The second release by Leveltrauma Limited, ‘’Book Of Techno’’ brings you a head to head collaboration between the "master of rohrmusik" Denny Hanson and germany`s craziest hardtechno producer Minupren. Wich chapter fits your kind of style Enjoy reading in the book of techno!