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The name of the label already existed a few years as an idea. In spring 2010, then started Leutral Recordings with the first release. From the outset it was clear that the beloved vinyl is being used as an analog publication medium and also to digital form.
Soon the first 5 catalog numbers were fully planned and equipped with excellent remixers. Who would have thought that a night Remix inquiry to Estroe, that is now a popular remix, John Digweed is not there, of course, entirely innocent. So the first record release started with the Japanese Spiraltone and a great Alexander Kowalski Remix in April 2010. But it also took on board new artists and ventured to the project PING! a publication of two previously unknown artist. The very first EP climbed all the charts and Dubfire somehow found a special penchant for track "Reloaded". Rocco Caine enthusiastic from the beginning and we quickly recognized his talent and the quality of the tracks. The mastering and sound design are typically secured him several planned publications.
Meanwhile the Leutral family has grown and currently includes Alexander Kowalski, Andreas & Martin Brunner, Estroe, Heiko Laux, Justin Berkovi, Mario Zar, Matt Star, Patrick Kunkel, Ping!, Rocco Caine, Spiraltone and Turmspringer to the brothers and sisters.
More information is quite detailed on the website of the label, but also on all books, clouds and tubes are well fed.

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