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raphael is a frankfurt-based remixer and dj. he's found a way to turn strong vocal performances into hard but emotional dance-floor beats

in the early 90ies he played drums, keyboards and guitars on stage as well as in recording studios. then he put his focus on composing, programming, performing and mixing

he started to take part in different studio projects in 1989 - with early tech-house productions like metropolis (which became one of the most successful german tech-house productions in 1989) ending in 2004 with his so called simple solo pop-album first step

as a dj and remixer he early started remixing songs. in 1987 he started djing near frankfurt in a club called "druckhaus". 9 years later - in 1996 - he performed his last live-set in one of moscows biggest houseclubs

in the following years he confined himself to remixing, trying new technologies and ways of mixing...

in 2009 he came back. after performing his new sound of finest house beats at the frankfurt street parade he is now going to run through the clubs again.......

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Luckystar Inc. Luckystar Inc. - Can You Feel It

Luckystar Inc.

Luckystar Inc. - Can You Feel It

VÖ-Datum: 15.02.2012
Label: leuchtfisch records
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.