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le mans recordings



Lemans Recordings is the german based record store, part of the big group of music distribution, Music Mail Tonträger GmbH.

Parent label : Music Mail Tonträger GmbH, a german dance music distributor and label focused on putting together compilations.

Sister Labels : Audio Lotion, caballero recordings, Cala D'hort, Catwalk, Dig Dis!, Fette Bässe Records, guajira recordings, Hardnation Records, Hi-Fi Stories, HLP Records, House Utilities, Housepacific Recordings, Jubilee Records, Le Bien Et Le Mal, Lemans Recordings, Ligaya Recordings, Maximal Recordings, Music Mail, Music Mail Musikverlag, Mylo Recordings, Organic Records, Reality Bites Records, Scrambled, Straight Distribution, Tenor Recordings, Titty Twister, Upbeat Records, Use The Music, Wasabi Recordings, Wicked Tunes

Artists on this label : Phattucini Bros, chris montana, Francesco Diaz, DJ Fun, Phonky Riot, Big World, Bob Schwarz, wawa, Jesse Funk, Magnetic Boogie, Eddie Romano, Peter Gelderblom, amongst many others.

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eddie romano jammin´ with the band / enter escape

eddie romano

jammin´ with the band / enter escape

VÖ-Datum: 27.04.2012
Label: le mans recordings
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