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LC Series



LC Series represents the Berlin based music label founded fresh in 2013 and run by Liss C.

Liss Casaro, better known as LISS C., started on music scene 10 years ago. From 242, Kraftwerk, Joy Division or Sleeparchive are some of the inspirations of his personal “vision” of music. Always walking about techno, he started to produce 4 years ago, trying to show his personal way of techno, where has been supported/played by top artist, like Danny Tenaglia or Rino Cerrone to name a few.

Influences from London to Berlin, where he is actually based, energetic sets, loud basslines and acid tick, is what you can expect from Liss C.

Label owner of LGM, LCR and his new own vinyl brand LC SERIES, where we will find talented artist like, Truncate, AttemporalL, Samuli Kemmpi, Miss Sunshine and many more.

LC Series was born with the aim to show the personal way of techno music by Liss C.
Dark deep Industrial techno perceptions will be on it.

LC Series will mainly release on vinyl trying to support the techno scene. On this vinyl series also you will find a great remixers and friends of Licc C.

LC Series & LCR are already supported and played by: Chris liebing, Speedy j, Tommy FourSeven, Norman Nodge, Truncate, Rebekah, Dj Hiperactive,DVS1, Rino Cerrone, Marco Carola, NX1, Attemporal, Miss Sunshine, Oliver Deutschmann, The Claivoriants, Cristian Varela, Richie Hawtin, HD SUBSTANCE, Inigo Kennedy........ and many more!

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liss c. purification

liss c.


VÖ-Datum: 06.12.2017
Label: lc series
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5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.