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la musique fait la force



La Musique Fait La Force is the brandnew belgian music label founded in 2013, and is a also subdivision of N.E.W.S.

La Musique Fait La Force will release a 4xCD compilation called The Sound Of Belgium in November 2013.
The Sound Of Belgium's release coincides with Belgium Booms, a week-long series of events showcasing Belgian electronic music in London. It doubles as the soundtrack to Jozef Deville's film of the same name, a documentary that charts dance music's life in Belgium. A total of 60 tracks have been collected, many of them from artists that have long been relegated to obscurity. Some of those lesser-known acts include Trans Volta, The Caravan and Strong Heads, while contributions from the likes of Joey Beltram, Outlander, Fatal Error and CJ Bolland should be more familiar.

La Musique Fait La Force" is the record label for alternative electronic artists like Crookers, Tensnake, Mason, Fake Blood, Drop The Lime, Mirrors, Wolfgang Gartner and compilations series like Solid Sounds, De Maxx, Switch and The Greatest Switch!