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Knuggles Recordings



Knuggles Recordings represents the Berlin based independent music label launched in 2011. The german imprint is run by run by DJ Kriton together with Netto Houz who are planning further to release new and previously unreleased material by Netto Houz as well as edits and remixes of their tracks from the 90ties.

Netto Houz started to release records on Ladomat 2000 in the mid-nineties. Since then as producers and DJs Ralf and Markus have been exploring Dance Music from tracky to deep. In 2011 they teamed up with their long-time companion from their early Berlin days DJ Kriton to launch Knuggles Recordings.

Knuggles Recordings is home to several artists such as: Netto Houz, Moire Patterns, Mirko Hektor, STNH, Elbee Bad, amongst several others.