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kingstone records



Kingstone Records represents the Cologne’s Vibes Machine founded in 1996. Its homebase is Studio 672, Cologne every Saturday "Beat Down Babylon" weekly since 2000 Juggling-Vibes-Sound

A new crew has set itself up under the name of “Double Up” from deep in the ghettoes of Kingston. Young, dynamic and with a dash of humour but still clearly focusing on the overall message.

The reggae label Kingstone has once again produced a party hit par excellence with “Money” that fittingly starts the year with a bang. The fact the boys are hardly known (to date) makes the penetrative nature of this song all the more energetic. A bit of electronic music here, dubstep spice there and this basic set-up offers a perfect dancehall beat. In this way producer Ben Bazzazian once again proves his ability to select a rich variety of base elements which he unerringly brings together and integrates the voices of the Double Up Crew with surgical precision.

Kingstone Records’ back catalogue includes collaborations with artists like: T.O.K, Red Rat, Ce’cile, Dr Ding-Ding, Mustafa Sandal, Gentleman, Denham Smith, Voicemail, General Degree, Jack Radics, Buccaneer, amongst many other ones.