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Keezako Records



Keezako Records is a French label created in 2003 and specialized in electronic musics and founded by Ludovic Frémont aka Ändrewvelt.

Ändrewvelt grows up during the 80's when the accession of the Personnal Computer impresses a whole generation and revolutionnizes the music creation ; a chaotic end of century, when cyberculture offers a new breath in front of the 21st centuries doors.

Clubber, Raver, inspired music lover and degreed electronics engineer, Ändrewvelt delivers a « Techno, House and Electronica » based music, while navigating by sight so as to let the improvisation go and superimpose his physical and mental emotions of-the-moment.

Since 1995, he catalyses this imaginary bubble thanks to his vinyls Dj sets, his Home Studio and his label Keezako Records.


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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.