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Kallias Records



Kallias Records represents the independent german music label established in 2011, and is located in Berlin, Germany. The german imprint focuses mostly on Tech-House, Electro Swing and Techno music style.

The team from Kallias decribed their label as is follows:

''“Beauty is nothing more than freedom of appearance.” Schiller 1793
This is our guideline at Kallias Music. We want to connect the familiar with the unknown, to bring together extremes that may appear to contradict each other at first glance.

We motivate and support our live acts to take the energy from the clubs into the studio in order to share their experience and expertise with their fans. The electrifying connection of techno with melodic elements is one of the corner stones of the Kallias Music sound. Our artists combine hard electro beats with easy swing tunes, classic orchestra samples with modern techno, and blues elements with house music. Kallias builds bridges between genres to attract new audiences. We offer techno fans the easy listing of swing, and the fans of house music get a taste of the bitter sweet world of blues. We don’t believe in the separation of genres; we connect them to create new ones. ''

Kallias is the home for artists such as: All Farben, Clear Void, Funkenstrom, Jan Pyroman, Rainer Weichhold, Shemian, Spanks, Oliver Schories, KlangKuenstler, Fennec & Wolf, Bastian Kurzweil, Bara Bröst, Egokind, amongs many others.