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IWW Music



IWW Music represents the Munich based independent music label launched fresh in 2011 and run by Maxâge, Sebastian Galvani and Fabian Kranz.

After 3 years of hosting events IWW has gained an enormous reputation in nightlife not only in Munich but also all over Germany . The team consisting of Maxâge, Sebastian Galvani and Fabian Kranz is trying to invite the best-known and most passionate international artists to one of the most famous clubs of the Republic, the Harry Klein. Gabriel Ananda, Format:B and Daniel Steinberg to name but a few.

In april 2011 they launched their label IWW Music and the first release, the Jazzy Jeff EP, hit download and vinyl stores all over europe. Blazing newcomers like Andrea di Rocco, but also well established artists like LEON or Helmut Dubnitzky continued shaping the imprints unique style: some oldschool inspirations, a hint of deepness, drumheavy rhythm patterns and mostly upfront driving house music.

Cutting their sound on Vinyl in times of digital supremacy thrives from the labelheads deep love for the black gold. No matter if they are spinning the decks at their monthly residency at the Harry Klein in Munich, or at label showcases in Amsterdam, Cologne or Vienna they always impress with their keen sense for lineups and music choice. Be prepared for a rising label, that already can't be called an underdog anymore.

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Marco Wachs Diversity EP

Marco Wachs

Diversity EP

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Label: iww music
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