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it' s



It's represents the independent muaic label established in 2008 and run by RVDS.

RVDS is Richard von der Schulenburg. Since 2005 he is a resident DJ at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg. 2008 the label Its realized his first house track EP "Lost whistle". 2009 he started the "Sky Walking" project with Lawrence and Christian Naujoks (both Dial artists). 2011 it's released his debut album "Moments" and the "Acid Moon" EP. The label "LAID" realized the famous "Moon Oddity" record.

It's is another label in the field of club music; record shops file the music under the letter "i" to make it easy to find; a label foundation goes together with a lot of annoying work; and if you want to know where the name is stolen, just brood over it until you get it. But now for something completely different.

RVDS is the one who carries the annoying work. Years ago, Jimi was tired of talking up his music to foreign people, so the idea of making an own label seemed to be the right one. Soon RVDS and DJ Phono joined to help getting it's started. To everybodies excitement RVDS had unfriendly takenover the whole company in 2009.

The musical direction of it's in general is club music, not without adding experiments. it's won't reinvent the wheel of the Love-Parade truck but it will show the possibility to have euphoric parties with great music, far beyond dullness.

Beside being the main platform for the owners releases, It's Records contains also in its back catalogue releases and collaborations with several others artists such as: Schnitt, A Different Jimi, RVDS; T.C.O., Felix Kubin, and several others.

Go for it's!