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ISNISNT is the newly minted imprint of Heartthrob (Jesse Siminski), purveyor of chrome-plated cosmic funk.

The newly established label promises to deliver leftfield sounds within the house, disco and techno sphere from the American producer, acting as an outlet for his own productions and collaborations, as he admits, “The idea of producing music and making intriguing objects (records) that relate to their character has been the final impulse to get things going [with the label]. Starting this allows me to combine my passion for music and visual art, with a sense of humor.

With so much music being released constantly and sensing that its all getting so devalued in the digital age, I decided to produce a series of limited 10″ picture discs for many of the releases. The images will follow the surrealist pop feeling that I hope the music transmits. The collectable images will come mostly from myself and from some artist friends.”

The first release on the label will be from Heartthrob with a 10″ entitled Discount Dancer.

Hailing from Northern Michigan, Jesse Siminski aka Heartthrob became intrigued by electronic music at an early age. Growing up in the 90′s, the emerging techno and house from the region caught his imagination and locked him into what would be a very exciting and dynamic career in music.

Utilizing the Heartthrob moniker through his releases with Richie Hawtin’s labels Minus and Plus Eight, Jesse has developed a signature sound over the last nine years of releases. Known for his use of melody and keen arrangements, Jesse has a knack for capturing emotion and propulsive grooves with the flair of an experimentalist. The hit track Baby Kate and the full length album Dear Painter, Paint Me stand out as two out of a number of important releases for the artist. He has done high profile remixes for the likes of Depeche Mode, The Knife and Plastikman himself. Jesse has also recorded as Vivianne Project and as Square One with Troy Pierce.

Jesse has spent the last 7 years touring the globe full time, playing live or dj-ing at many of the top clubs in the world. He has held a residence at the storied Rex Club in Paris and is a frequent guest at Fabric in London, Berghain in Berlin and Space in Ibiza amongst others. With stints in New York and Paris, Jesse currently calls Berlin home. October 2013 sees the launch of his own label ISNISNT.

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Heartthrob Haus Arrest


Haus Arrest

VÖ-Datum: 25.06.2015
Label: isnisnt
  • 12" Germany
    12" Germany
  • Techno
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heartthrob isnsnt



VÖ-Datum: 18.10.2013
Label: isnisnt
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