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Iside Music



Iside Music represents the italian based music label, was launched in 2012 and represents a subdivision of Orion Musik, the musik label founded by Danilo Vigorito.

Danilo Vigorito started DJing in 1991 at some parties with friends and people who believed that a new electronic age was just beginning, and soon he recognized that DJing wasn't enough. Finally Danilo started to work at some recording studios, in order to create records by himself.
After working as a sound engineer for three years, he decided to begin his career, the starting point of building up his own studio at home. His first release was Danilo Vigorito - Syncmode EP on Informale. The name of this record means the absence of a computer and the synchronization between drum machines and synthesizer.

Danilo Vigorito has released on important labels such as Primate Recordings, Zenit, Phont Music, mostly creating hybrid tracks combining both Techno & TechHouse.

In 2012 launched his new imprint called Iside Music with the release of the new album "Homegrown Tears" the album, that is an tribute to all the people who have left their own country in the past and present looking for a better future for their families. Inspired by the classic of the Neapolitan music (this is not a remake), the artist has recreated in his way the atmosphere warm and sometimes heartbreaking, that just characterize the classic of the Neapolitan music.

Untill till moment, this is the only release on the italian label, but we'll certainly Keep an eye open on the fresh Iside Music for future releases.