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Is It Balearic..?



Is It Balearic? represents the Midlands, UK based music label established in 2009 and run by the duo under the name of Coyote.

COYOTE are otherwise known as Timm Sure & Ampo they met in 1990 where both were on the same DJ line up at one of the UKs most seminal clubs, Venus in Nottingham.

Timm and Ampo have both been spinning records since the early days of Balearic beat & acid house. They also release quality vinyl via their labels – Is It Balearic? Recordings and the re-edit label – Magic Wand. Coyote’s album “Harlyn Bay” is an essential purchase from 2009 and this year saw them release the club monster “Moving” on International Feel. New releases on Needwant records and lots of remixes.

Is It Balearic? have been putting out top dollar music for the last 7 years. Helmed by Timm and Ampo who also make up Coyote, they've steadily churned out slabs of the good stuff from the likes of Max Essa, The Deadstock 33s and The Hardway Brothers, most of it swathed in a particular chugging, slomo fug. Having just released Coyote's third album, Glide Time, they are certainly not stoping to demonstrate their talent.

Some two years in the making, "Glide Time" is the brand new studio album from Is It Balearic? Recordings head boys Coyote. Eight tracks deep, this album sees Ampo and Timm Sure further perfect their approach to modern Balearica, ambling from moments of incandescent calm such as the expansive opening track "California Jam" and "Feel Beautiful" to euphoria inducing cuts like the chuggy "Swimming" and acid tinged "Break On Through". Look out for the guitar playing skills of Is It Balearic? Stalwart Max Essa too. It is indeed Time to Glide. Switch on and feel the new Balearic beat at its best.

Is it Balearic has developed in the last years an impressive back catalogue containing releases and collaborations with acts like: The Project Club, Max Essa, Social Disco Club, I Boat Captain, Reverso 67, Aihki, Hardway Brothers, Rompante, Felix Dickinson, Mudd & Pollard, Midlake, The Grid, Almunia, amongst many many others.

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