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Institubes Records represents the Paris based music label launched in 2003 and defunct since 2011.

Pioneering French electronic music label Institubes has announced that it is to close after eight years, which is a tragedy for anybody who liked rowdy, continental, leftfield house music. Home to artists including Teki Latex, Bobmo, Surkin and Para One, it wasn’t always certain that you were going to love or play out a new Institubes release but it would always hold your attention and make you wonder where these crazy Frenchmen got their ideas and inspiration from.

The valedictory press release on their Tumblr is a beautifully written and distressing insight into the difficulties of running an underground dance label in the current climate, and is a must-read for anybody with more than a passing interest in the future of independent music. Institubes will be missed greatly.

“The fact that ours is a struggling industry, where 90% of your time is spent “staying afloat”, obscures an important fact: we are still playing by the rules that got us fucked in the first place. The way we do business is defective: our values are defective, our contracts are defective, our post-Napster economy itself is defective.”