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Insist Music



Insist Music is a german based electronic music label who represents modern rough and groovy tech-house music.

The Frankfurt-based label Insist Music was founded in 2010 by Patrick Kunkel and Dirk Redmer. This shining new label basically presents modern rough and groovy tech-house music, produced by many German and international artists, such as Lonya & Audio Junkies, Ingo Boss, Sascha Sonido, Ping!, Bjoern Nafe and – of course – by Patrick Kunkel and Dirk Redmer themselves.

Kunkel and Redmer have been part of the German electronic music culture for more than 15 years. After working toghether both as DJs and hosts in various clubs in Frankfurt, and already running different labels, they decided the time would now be right to found INSIST MUSIC.

They can rely on many year’s of experience. While Dirk Redmer already worked as resident-dj in famous clubs like the U60311 in Frankfurt and played all over central Europe, Patrick Kunkel is working for the world famous company "Cocoon Records", where he is responsible for digital distributions, for over 5 years.

Both artists have worked together on many different projects over the last 15 years. " Sexy Pie" with Lenny Kravitz' sax-player, Harlod Todd, being only one of many. Now they re-united to form the next big thing in German music-biz: INSIST MUSIC.