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Innervisions represents the Dixon's and Âme's electronic music label, inspired by the club night "Innercity". The Berlin based label was founded in 2005 and is a former sub-label of Sonar Kollektiv which became independent with the release of the Sleepy Hollow EP and was distributed by Wordandsound. In 2011, Innervisions turned to self-distribution and now operates its own web shop.

Dixon's and Âme's label, inspired by the nightclub "Innercity". Former sub-label of Sonar Kollektiv. Since the release Sleepy Hollow EP it is on its own and distributed through the channels of "Word and Sound".

Never the one to shy away from challenge, Dixon made his first foray into label and A &R work with running Sonar Kollektiv's sublabel recreation recordings, where he set up a testing ground for his personal view on house. He introduced Âme in the process, two comrades from the traditionally strong deep house scene of southern germany, whom he brought to the Sonar Kollektiv stable, only to observe that they pulled in the kudos for their music very quickly.

In 2005, the reign of minimal sounds in clubland was gaining momentum as much as house lost it, and more sooner than later Dixon came to the conclusion that there had to be a way to maintain his preferred sound while so many djs and artists were reducing the musical ingredients of their output. The choice was simply either to adapt or to rebuild. Dixon decided for the latter and took the next step with another Sonar Kollektiv sublabel called Innervisions, which he founded with Âme.

It was clear from the beginning that this label was intended to make a difference, and it was clear from the beginning that all the connections Dixon made with likeminded souls should come into fruition with it. It was a platform that was thought of to keep up the house tradition all those involved stayed so faithful to over the years, but it was also thought of to breathe some fresh air into it.

And so it did. Dixon's famous rework of tokyo black star's blade dancer knocked on the door, and already the second release, Âme's future classic rej ep, was breaking right through it. The following releases by befriended artists confirmed the almost instantly good reputation of the imprint and within a short time it became obvious that something was achieved that not any label could achieve: a sound was innovated and an identity, which began to seep through the scene, affecting the way other labels recruited and published their roster.

Sublabels: Muting The Noise, Philomena

Innervisions is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Âme, Dixon, Henrik Schwarz, Marcus Worgull, Tokyo Black Star, Château Flight, Culoe De Song, Lil' Tony, amongst many others.

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Ame Dream House (2LP Gatefold)


Dream House (2LP Gatefold)

VÖ-Datum: 01.06.2018
Label: innervisions
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