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Innerground Records



Innerground Records represents the Brazilian Drum and Bass label run by DJ Marky & XRS founded in 2003.

Innerground Records is a Drum & Bass label started by Brazilian DJ maestro and multiple award winner, DJ Marky. Since inception in 2003, Innerground has always strived to bring the latest and greatest music from the dancefloors to the listener, with a focus on quality.

Artists such as Logistics, Makoto, Random Movement, A-Sides, Digital, Total Science, Calibre and more have all had releases on the Innerground imprint and as the genre moves forwards, so will our music.
Innerground Recos is dotted around the place in a number of online and social media spaces, so don’t forget to check it out at their favourite spot.

*** To see the physical releases from this imprint, please search for the label called ‘’Innerground’’.