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if? records



IF? Records, established in Melbourne, Australia in 1995 and based in Tokyo, Japan after relocating there in 2001, was a live gig and rave party organiser in Melbourne in the 1990s and one of Melbourne's first independent local electronic music labels.
Started by friends Andrez Bergen (Little nobody), Brian Huber and Mateusz Sikora in January 1995, IF? released its first compilation within just a few months, featuring a line-up of purely Melbourne-based, and mostly new, experimental electronic and Techno producers - including Voiteck and Zen Paradox. Then-Mixmag editor Dom Phillips nominated the Zeitgeist compilations at #4 in his choice of the Top 10 Melbourne-made records up to 1996. Zeitgeist (1995) and Zeitgeist 2 (1996), were repackaged and distributed internationally through Belgian label Nova Zembla, a subsidiary of Kk.