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Ideal Audio has been established by Oliver Huntemann together with his long term business partner Jan Langer in 2008. The imprint is set to support artists with the certain something. As a vanguard of electronic music, Oliver knows how to consistently progress and develop himself and his label's sound.

Since 2008 Huntemann has been running the Ideal Audio label. A new chapter after more than fifteen years Confused Recordings plus a host of sub and sister labels. As well as numerous 12 inches and almost as many remixes (for Underworld, Chemical Brothers and Depeche Mode, to name just a few), he released his third album, "H-3" in 2009 to critical acclaim on Ideal Audio.

Ideal Audio has released records by the likes of Extrawelt and Pan Pot, as well as Huntemann's own critically acclaimed albums 'H-3' and 'Paranoia'. They celebrate their fifth birthday this year with the release of the 5ünf compilation.To celebrate the occasion, the label is heading out on a worldwide tour from September on, and is releasing a double CD compilation of brand-new exclusive material alongside the most memorable classics from the label's roster.

Since 2008 and release 001 from Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire, the label has grown into one of the foremost techno outlets in the world, with a wide and deep fan base in many countries across Europe. Ideal Audio has also spawned countless label parties, fruitful collaborations and many EP, LP and mix compilation releases from plenty of exciting talents.

The worldwide 5unf Tour, running from September 2013 until March 2014, features key label associates Oliver Huntemann, Andre Winter, dubspeeka, Joran Van Pl, Remain & Electric Rescue, Andreas Henneberg, The Glitz and more, details will be announced in the coming days. And so to the 5unf compilation: Across two discs and 25 tracks it showcases the Ideal Audio style, which in the past has been described as "dark, hypnotic and powerful..." The compilation spans the last five years 2 with new and exclusive cuts on disc 1, and classics on disc 2 - and proves that Oliver and Jan have done a great job evolving the label whilst always staying true to their roots in exciting techno. A fine retrospective at the same time as being focussed on the next five years, the 5unf Tour and Compilation prove Ideal Audio to be one of the most assured labels of our time.

Ideal Audio’s releases have been described as "dark, hypnotic and powerful...". Artists such as Oliver Huntemann himself, André Winter, Extrawelt, Andreas Henneberg, The Glitz, Sebrok, Tassilo from Pan-Pot, Remain & Electric Rescue and lately our newcomer dubspeeka have already delivered strong productions. In addition the label hosts the successful collaboration between Oliver Huntemann and Dubfire. Ideal Audio is a young label but knows how to release paramount sonic weapons!

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Oliver Huntemann Licht & Schatten

Oliver Huntemann

Licht & Schatten

VÖ-Datum: 09.03.2015
Label: ideal
  • 12" Germany
    12" Germany
  • Techno
  • IDEAL0306
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Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann Feat Xenia B. Agua

Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann Feat Xenia B.


VÖ-Datum: 15.10.2014
Label: ideal
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