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human garden



Human Garden Music represents the Techno/Tech-House/Progressive label based in London, UK. The british imprint was founded in 2009 by Italian DJ & producer Andrea Roma.

Andrea Roma dj/producer, musician, at age 10 began studyng piano, becoming a composer and arranged for movie soundtracks.

Always attracted by dance music world, decided to move also in this way, began performing as a dj.
Being a musician and composer, started to study of various music softwares and sequencers, and everything resolve around the world of dance productions, and it is here that he will emerged significantly.

Today he is playing around the world, received many awards about his music productions like his most famous HIT track "Deep Fear Rmx", that in 2009 got the No.1 position on beatport overall chart,and soundtrack of many TV SPOT around the world, nominated best track of the year.
Also tracks like "iong", "duracell", "prosciutto", or remixes like "are your kisses dynamite", "daydream" got the top 10 seller chart on the best music stores around the world.

In 2012 Andrea Roma and his track "Pi Pi Pi" (over 3 months No.1 on beatport minimal chart) were nominated like "best track of the year" and "best artist of the year" from clubbers choise on beatport.

He is also the owner of the techno record label "Human Garden Music", and collaborating with label such as Toolroom Records, 1605 music teraphy, Black Hole recordings, Bosphorus Underground, Frequenza Records, etc.. and many of the best artists in dance scene.

The London based Imprint Human Garden Music has been conceveid by a very well known team of talented and internationals deejays… already fueled up from rumors as the new label meant to be a storming club winner featuring Top Class producers and LARGE Productions.