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Houztekk Records



Houztekk Records - music label for electronic visions

Aside the busy and bustling City Life in the middle of contemplative rurality recently a new label for electronic music was established. Houztekk Records provides considerable evidence that outstanding innovations not only Arise in this world?s metropolises. Maybe it is just this seclusion which helps to concentrate on the essential: namely the sound and the people who produce it.
Despite all prophecies of doom in the music business regarding label formations Houztekk was not put off and founded Houztekk Records with a big grin and full of spirits. True to the motto: ?Now more than ever!? A label with lots of space for variety, humour and above all creative as well as artistic scope for development is to expect.

The release policy of Houztekk reaches from free running Techno, sundry Jazz variants to DUB and Detroit spiced with a good deal of Deepness ? Houztekk Style which is known and valued in this country. Never Stereotype suitable but always good for a surprise. Cofounder and head of Houztekk Maximilian Meindl aka DJ M-fx to the matter of soundstyle: ?As diverse as the artists who are going to release their music at Houztekk, so diverse is the focus to the sound. Artistic potential wants to be transformed ? now more than ever. Things will be changing - and that thoroughly!?
Powerful words, which precisely correspond to the mindset of label head Maximilian Meindl. Anyway, the artists belonging to Houztekk are progressive libertines, who would hardly Engage with reducing to only one kind of style. Houztekk, in Austria for a long time not fameless but well-known for high-quality events such as Elektromotor, is finally launching at international level with their currently new established label ? which was already expected by many friends and colleagues. Eventually, this label is the logical Consequence of a fairly long time apparent becoming way. Mister Meindl gave proof of his keen sense of new tendencies and newcomers more than once. Long lasting persistence and hence the resulting learn process open out into experience and knowledge, which together with an amazing love to music may be more than beneficial for success.
The first three publications ?Asteroid1010?, ?Perhaps? and ?Nature Bleed? were released in November 2008 and come from Houztekk musicians of the first hour: Ned Rise and Pilot Error, two DJs and producers, together with Jürgen Höglinger aka Uciel and Thomas Kronlachner Alias Nutrasweet form the Houztekk headquarters. Together they created the 3-days Open Air ?Houztekk Festival?, the vanguard ?Elektromotor?-event-series and furthermore the ?Generator?-parties. Particularly, concerning the Elektromotor-events Houztekk proved to have a good nose for acts, which at that time were comparatively unknown but very soon should experience the international breakthrough.

A novelty which Houztekk Records particularly may boast is the focus on audiovision ? true to the motto ?See the Sound, Hear the Visuals?. Immediately after the release the publications are illustrated by renowned VJs and projection artists. In this way sound visualizations are created which differ from conventional music videos most notably through their spontaneity. Here Houztekk Records provides a rather seldom but by VJs extremely appreciated possibility: namely the direct and close collaboration between sound- and picture producer, DJ & VJ. The first three publications were interpreted by the Viennese VJs Bildwerk (newcomer in the scene), Pixkompressor (the digital part of the artist formation Lichttapete) as well as of the international active VJ crew 4youreye. Soon afterwards the picture-sound works were broadcasted on the Austrian music channel GoTV. Further well-known VJs from home and abroad such as Okinawa69 and Bruno Tait (kompakt Köln), Fritz Fitzke or Luma.Launisch (Sound:Frame) have already assured cooperation.

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