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house nerd audio



House Nerd Audio represents the music label launched in 2010 and run by The House Nerds.

The House Nerds are a pair of graduates from UC Berkeley with a diverse skill set. One, a computer programmer with an economics background and the other, a strategy consultant with an engineering degree. While educationally and professionally different, their skill sets align under the umbrella of music with deep roots stemming from over 16 years of experience studying and practicing the art of music from jazz trombone to classical saxophone. Most recently, the duo have embraced their passion and love for House music.

As House Nerds, they understand the science behind good music and the difference an excellent DJ can bring to the life and energy of a party. Their belief is that DJs should be more than just “disc jockeys,” but they should be educators providing peer guidance and personal transformation. The House Nerds are constantly researching the best that EDM has to offer and aim to provide the most profound experience to all of their peers through each and every one of our publications or performances.