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Hertzlich Records represents the independent german music founded in 200 and is a subdivision of Hertzmusic.

Hertzmusic was launched in 1997. In the beginning, the project was purely an event agency, later artist bookings were added and then they started releasing music on their sublabels Hertzlich and Hertzklopfen, mainly digital, but also on vinyl.

The label Hertzlich was founded in 2007 by Roderick (Roddy) Haas and Chris Haberer (Ulan Bator). The pre-stadium of that record company used to be an event- and booking agency that had then been active since 1997 in the field of electronic music.

The label is a synonym for warm-hearted and deep house music. In that case the stress is on multi-faceted ideas and a good production of sound. Hertzlich combines the tracks of its artist roster with remixes from well-known and prestigeous producers in order to create a synergy.

Artists like Ian Pooley, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Agnès, Gorge, among others have contributed their material not for nothing. Hertzmusic puts a lot of heart into music!