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Hell Beat Limited



Hell Beat Limited was founded by the DJ / Producer Grieche in February 2012 with the purpose of making a label dedicated exclusively to the darker side of techno, including subgenres like dark techno and derivatives, backed by great artists of the same genus recognized worldwide.

Hell Beat Limited was created to provide the public techno lovers high quality music, solid and strong sounds, atmospheres and environments that transform your senses, something very special to the dance floor.

The label's first release came from Thomas Mueller with the album ''Serious''. It's the year 2013 and the direction is clear, we are heading for dark sounds putting a spell in your heads. Inspired by the influence of dark techno, the artists Grieche, prepared a huge goodie for your pleasure. To get you involved in our philosophy and our intention of modern electronic music we set up a series of groundbreaking tracks which will change your view on sophisticated techno.We will let the music speak and didn't hesitate to involve our best artists to bring to you high quality techno pleasure.

Our big artists just know the right moment to break the ice and cause a mess in your heads.The tracks are purely infectious and there is no chance for you to resist the rolling basslines and driving grooves.We are looking forward to some big trackss with big names, many listeners and hopefully a lot of feedback from your side.With your help and your involvation and support for Hell Beat Limited we are sure to achieve something big, reaching for new dimensions and lasting for a long time.

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Grieche & Cristian Glitch Structure

Grieche & Cristian Glitch


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Label: hell beat limited

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