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heavy joints



Heavy Joints Series represents the new compilations that relates to life, to party, to what really matters in music – something that makes you dance all night long. The Heavy Joints is delivering top quality tracks for music connoisseurs around the world, for those DJ’s who know the true meaning of DJ’ing, the true art of spinning that Vinyl Disc Records.

This series will be the first of many exclusively rare underground compilations all compiled onto one Vinyl Record, using only the best track sources, pressed on top quality material for that true vinyl experience. We’ll be covering all music genres such as Chart Toppers, Dance, Hiphop & Rap, Reggae, R n B, Pop, Rock, and everything else in between! This collectible series will have something for everyone, and will ensure you have the most badass music collection around!

The Heavy Joint series is for the people, so we want you to provide active feedback to your suppliers about what else you would like on the series to further improve your enjoyment of the products, ultimately give you more value for money. They will be sure to pass the word down onto the Heavy Joints crew so that we can keep striving to bring you the best of world music on that magical black disc.

Without further a do, for some of the many Heavy Joint releases, we bring you “DISCO MANIA VOL.1, 2 & 3” – rare funky edits/remixes guaranteed to get you on the dancefloor! Enjoy!