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hardcore beats



Hardcore Beats represents the London-based breaks label founded by DJ Dee Kline of Rat Records in 2001, current label boss Ollywood has held the reins since 2003. Continues to raise the bar in pioneering the Tear-Out Breakbeat sound: Drum & Bass influences at Breakbeat's funkier tempo.

Rat Records' sister label, Hardcore Beats focuses on the harder side of breakbeat utilising elements of drum'n'bass and garage laden with filthy tech elements and monster basslines.

Previous releases include Wesley J & Shimano's tribute to old skool rave "Baddest DJ" - which found its way into the record boxes of the Stanton Warriors and FreQ Nasty; Hardcore Beats samplers 1,2 and 3 - 6 tracks of sick and twisted breakbeat including a VIP remix of "Baddest DJ", "Rippin Up Wax" and DJ Quest's "Storm".

Sublabels: Future Perfect Records, Pure Filth, Wicky Lindows.