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groover platz



Groover Platz is a new record label based in Berlin with the objectives of: producing great music techno, find good artists, and carve out a small space between the labels which are now very popular in the techno scene.

Inspired by the sounds of the German capital, Groover Platz began his adventure with Andrea Belluzzi (owner) remixed by Jonas Kopp, an artist very well seen in Berlin and in Europe.

Groover Platz’s debut was a highly original and energetic release that contains 2 tracks originals and a massive remix done by Jonas Koop. Comes on pure white vinyl.

The second release is a bomb consisting of 3 tracks done to rock the dance floor and be played in every moment of the evening, in fact: >Following the way< is straight, strong, made to stand in the center of attention ... 9 minutes of pure evilness. >Chord Force< is different, in fact, unlike the first song >Chord Force< follows a more melodic idea but still hard and decided. >Rising with the sun< is the bastard daughter (in a good way), because is more close/dark with a good march, groove and a melody made to fly with your mind. Definitly a track to close the night and leave behind what has been…