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green martian



Green Martian is a belgium based music record created in 1997, and its releases presents progressive House & Laidback topped with a catchy hook that can be a bit more down-tempo yet with enough energy to keep the dance-floor moving.

The belgian Trance label is a former sublabel of Lightning Records and Banshee Worx BVBA, and is now part of its parent label, Bonzai Progressive. As the digital distribution has been growing enourmously over the last 2 years, it has become without a doubt the highlight of Green Martian imprint.

Artists on this label : airwave, Dyron, Chantola, Dani Bosco, George V, Kevin Vega, Orelse, Philthy Chit, Paul Mendez, Jasper Jinx, andain, Joker Jam, Cape Town, Paragon, Nick E, Uriel, Planisphere, Meridiia, Leon, Esona, Blufeld, TaylorK, amongst many others.