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F.Z.Z. Music



FZZ Music in cooperation with Joyride Music is a brand new music venture of Hungarian music \\"veteran\\" Zoltan Foldes, starting his own music label after having spent 2 years in connection with major record companies like BMG & Sony Music as A/R and Marketing head.
This new music outfit is set to conquer not only the local music heights but also setting its eyes on the international music prix as well specializing in high quality, commercially viable dance / house music from the ever-so-talented Hungarian music scene.
The very first piece of music to be released is a smash by newcomer female DJ, DJ Najah Cole. It is a prog house re-work of Jan Hammer\\'s classic \\"Crockett\\'s Theme\\".

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DJ Najah Cole Miami Vice

DJ Najah Cole

Miami Vice

VÖ-Datum: 26.03.2011
Label: f.z.z. music
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