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future sickness



Our story began ominously on 06/06/06, when two kindred spirits joined forces to bring the music they live and breathe to the masses. .. .. ..Spookane.. (Belgium) and ..Dead Kat.. (France) share a love for Darkstep which naturally evolved from their Hardcore roots. They got together to form Future Sickness Records, providing a platform for high-end DNB productions regardless of fame or fortune. Their mission: to infect the globe with the darkest of sounds and to enrich the Drum and Bass landscape with fresh tunes by new as well as established talent... .. Signings from around the world ensure a varied take on the in house style, with artists representing three continents. These include Counterstrike, a South African duo that has been taking the world by storm for over a decade; US based Mumblz, Empire-x, and the Cenobites collective; as well Current Value from Germany. Future releases by Donny, Raiden, Spl, Cooh, The Outside Agency and others are in the pipeline and are expected to hit the streets later on this year... .. Taking the evolution of the industry into account, the digital side to their collective is being developed heavily.