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funky juice



The Funky Juice records record label was founded in 1997 by Roberto Colella that after numerous musical and organizational experiences within the club-culture in the city of Rome, decides to devote himself passionately to the development of new international artists with musical attitudes outside the box. To DATE have been published about 40 between full-length CDs and EP.

The artists who are more distinct and have had more recognition abroad are: barrio jazz gang, pauline london, bungalove, cuban jazz combo, brother groove, panaphonic, phonorama, os morçegos e gli ensemble sideral.

The most successful track is: Chok-a-Blok Avenue" by Barrio Jazz Gang featured in a variety of international high quality compilations and was listed in all the specialized playlists. In the "Saint germain Cafe des pres vol. 1-cd" (wagram) we had the chance to develop our artist in all the world.

Our passion for the sixties and seventies hot-Jazz and for the modern club-music create our own sounds and the electronic elements are always fused together with analog an acoustic live recordings-set. You can feel it in almost all our productions, this is our main target, as well reaching the listeners with something special and very up-front.

The most important groups of the label are: Pauline London, (a very talented artist and a really great vocalist who has already featured in many Barrio Jazz Gangproductions) Bungalove (a brazilian-electro group), Phonorama (talented band of funky-jazz sound), Panaphonic (electronic-chill project), Ensemble Sideral(mediterrean tango-jazz with a STRING quartet) , Cuban Jazz Combo ( the warm side of the latin jazz) and Os Morcegos (samba-jazz with funky).

Last acquisitions are: Leonardo Cesari Jazz Combo that was born out of the quest for a sound that weds the jazz of the 1950s and 60s with the rhythms distilled from contemporary club music.

Sublabel: Echo-Logic Productions.